Information and Communication

Under the provisions of Regulation (EU) n. 1303/2013 article 115 and following and Annex XII, the communication and information activities of the OP FEAMP 2014-2020 are described in the Communication Strategy, a general guidance document, which describes the objectives, targets, tools and communication actions to be implemented during the programming in order to inform Potential Beneficiaries of the opportunities offered by the OP, to enhance the role of the EU, the MA and the IOs among the General Public, involve stakeholders and disseminate the results obtained by the actions funded by the Operational Programme.

The Multi-year Strategy is accompanied by Annual Communication Plans that present, in addition to the report of the activities carried out in the previous year, the precise planning of the information and communication activities to be carried out in the following year, with a detailed timeline and accompanied by a budget.

The Communication Strategy of the OP FEAMP 2014/2020 was approved by the Monitoring Committee at its meeting of XX/2019. It was followed by the approval of the 2019 Annual Communication Plan.